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    You can find your FMV on your January 2018 property tax bill. FMV is also known as equalized property value, which equally distributes state, county and local taxes between taxpayers.

    Preliminary tax impact estimates are based on:

    Referendum borrowings amortized over 20 years at estimated planning interest rates of 4.25-4.50%.

    Mill rate based on 2017 Equalized Valuation (TID-OUT) of $2,618,239,381 with annual growth of 3.00% for three years and 1.50% thereafter.

    Inclusive of the potential impact on state aid. Aid is estimated at the tertiary rate of -56.41% (18-19 July 1 estimate) on incremental debt service over fiscal year 2017-18. Max annual aid loss of $840,000 due to hold-harmless restrictions.

    *Impact represents the change in mill rate over the 2017-18 levy of $0.99 for debt service.  The mill rate for debt service may remain flat or decline without the referendum passing.

    All tax impact estimates provided by financial consultants from Baird.