Horizon Elementary - Q&A

  • Q: What will "Great Start" Conferences look like?

    A:  "Great Start" Conferences are planned for August 26, September 1, and September 2. Students will meet teachers for 1:1 intro for 45 minutes (30 minutes with the teacher and 15 minutes to transition). Masks will be required to be worn by teachers, parents, and the student.


    Q: What are the Hallway and Bathroom Procedures?

    A:  The following will be implemented:

    • Upon entering, students will drop jackets (boots, hats,...) at lockers and collect belongings for the day (in backpacks)
    • Rotation for students needing to access lockers before and after recess
    • Hands washed/sanitized before/after each trip out of the classroom
    • Masks required during all hall visits and transitions
    • Bubblers turned off - used only for filling water bottles
    • One-way halls arrival, dismissal, and big transitions


    Q: What might a typical day of virtual learning look like if that option is selected?

    A: Virtual Opt-In Learning Schedule:

    Students would engage in their coursework remotely through blended learning activities directed by teacher

    Students must attend live morning meeting each day

    Students must attend one live core lesson each day

    Students must engage in two recorded lessons each day

    Small group/individual meetings for students will occur each week for each academic area

    Students will engage in weekly Encore lessons- may need to submit evidence of work in each Encore area (video, log, photo, etc.)

    Technology Use:

    Students will use a school-issued Chromebook

    All course content will be delivered through Seesaw or directly by teacher in live or recorded lessons

    Student assignments managed through Seesaw

    Student Attendance:

    Student attendance will be based on attending the live morning meeting, live academic lesson and live small group

    In the event of an excused student absence (per handbook guidelines), we would treat it like a normal absence from class and allow students to make up the missing work at a later date.

    Parents may excuse students as they normally would by emailing the Attendance Secretary, and would continue to be subject to district/state attendance parameters.

    Horizon- stewnao@pewaukeeschools.org  


    Q: How will recess look with social distancing measures?

    A:  Recess will be broken in half by grade level to reduce the number of students outside at a time. This means that approx. 100 students per recess. About 50 students will be allowed on the blacktop/playground while the other 50 will be on the PLE field (east). The groups will then rotate locations. 


    Q: Students will arrive in the A.M. at different times but what does dismissal look like?

    A:  We will announce and stagger dismissal as well with extra supervision in classrooms to prevent waiting in common areas. Assigned doors for each grade level and cohort will be utilized as well. 


    Q: When will we learn classroom assignments?

    A:  Due to students opting in to the virtual plan, classlists may need to be rewitten. We won't be able to confirm classassignments until later in August.


    Q: When can we sign up for Great Start Conferences?

    A:  Parents will be sent sign up directions after class placements are verified. We expect this to occur after August 17.


    Q: When will bus routes be complete and avaialble?

    A:  Due to delayed regisrtation, bus routes be shared a bit later than usual. Routes will be posted in Skyward starting August 24. 


    Q: If we decide to do the virtual opt-in, will we be able to continue that option throughout the entire year?

    A:  Yes, you can make that decision by quarter, but you will be able to use the virtual option for the entire year.


    Q: If we decide on the virtual opt-in, will my child’s great start conference still be in person?

    A:  Students in the virtual classoom will be offered virtual GS conferences. If needed, you may request for that conference to be held in-person.


    Q: Will kids be given student planners to help with organization?

    A:  Yes, planners will be made available to all students. 


    Q: What grade to kids get access to school email to assist with communication with their teachers?

    A:  At this point, students in grade 5 have access to email. Our teams are still working on plans for grades 3 and 4, but we're plikely to rely more on SeeSaw that gmail as a way for students to communicate with teachers.


    Q: If we choose the virtual option, will there be a pickup date for their assigned chromebook?

    A:  Yes, chromebook pick up will be scheduled to take place during Great Start Conferences.


    Q: Will the school supply list be the same for the virtual option?

    A:  Supply lists will be modified and posted by August 7.


    Q: If we opt to not bus. What time can they be dropped off in the morning and where will they go?

    A: Students should be dropped off no earlier than 8:00. They will head directly to homerooms.


    Q: I have an incoming 3rd grader who will be doing the virtual option. She didn’t receive her yearbook at the end of last year. Is there a place where we can pick it up?

    A: Year books can be picked up at Horizon during Great Start Conferences.


    Q: Will by child still be included in the yearbook if we go with the virtual option? What about school pictures?

    A: Yes, pictures can either be taken at home and shared with us, or parenst can bring students to school during GS for a short photography session.




    Specific questions can also be emailed to Pete Gull, Horizon Principal at gullpet@pewaukeeschools.org.