Pewaukee Lake Elementary - Q&A

  • Q: What will happen with 4K hand-to-hand policy with transportation when they arrive at school?

    A:  We will have staff at both the parent drop-off and bus drop-off locations in front of PLE. Our staff will take 4K students from their car or bus and walk them into PLE to line up with the rest of their class. All 4K students will be walked through the front doors of PLE. If you choose to park and walk your child into school, you will have to hand them off to a staff member at the front doors due to safety protocols in place this year.


    Q: What technology will I need to know about for virtual learning?

    A:  All PLE teachers will be utilizing Seesaw this year.


    Q: What do I do if my student doesn't have the technology to access virtual learning?

    A:  Please contact us and we will assist with this need.


    Q: Are there any additional supplies that I will need to provide for my student?

    A:  Updated supply lists will be coming home soon with this information.


    Q: When will we learn classroom assignments?

    A:  Due to students opting in to the virtual plan, classlists may need to be rewitten. We won't be able to confirm classassignments until later in August.


    Q: When can we sign up for Great Start Conferences?

    A:  Parents will be sent sign up directions after class placements are verified. We expect this to occur after August 17.


    Q: What will Great Start Conferences look like?

    A:  If you have opted for in-person instruction, your Great Start Conferences will be in-person. If you have opted for virtual learning, your Great Start Conferences will be virtual. If you would alternate considerations, please contact your child's teacher.


    Q: How will my child stay safe in common areas around school (areas outside of the classroom?)

    A:  All students and staff will be required to wear masks in hallways, bathrooms, and other public/common areas around the school.


    Q: Will my child's teacher stay the same all year?

    A:  If your child changes from the virtual setting into in-person learning, their teacher will change. The same will apply if a student moves from in-person instruction to virtual learning. If we need to have more than one virtual teacher to support the number of students opting for the virtual setting, we may need to change your child's teacher for in-person learning. 


    Q: How can I best prepare my child for the start of the school year?

    A:  We will be sharing videos with all families to help prepare students for new procedures around PLE. These videos will include wearing a mask, handwashing, bus procedures, greeting others, and parent drop-off. Watching, reviewing and practicing these videos with your child will make a huge difference.


    Q: When will bus routes be complete and available?

    A:  Due to delayed registration, bus routes be shared a bit later than usual. Routes will be posted in Skyward starting August 24.


    Q: For virtual learning how many hours per day will the student be online?

    A: This will vary by grade level. Students will be asked to join a morning meeting at every grade, which can last from 10 minutes (4K) to 30 minutes (2nd grade). Students will also be asked to join a live minilesson, which is typically no longer than 10-15 minutes, shorter at the younger grades. There will also be some recorded minilessons that the students will be asked to view before doing an activity. Teachers will try to create as many offline activities as possible, but know the instruction will need to happen online. Also, during the week, students will be asked to join a live small group lesson with the teacher in the core academic areas (reading, writing, math). These small groups are about the same length as a minilesson.


    Q: Can you elaborate on any changes in delivery of encore subjects for the hybrid/in person model? Will the encore teacher come to the classroom or will cohorts go to the room? Will encore teachers be in contact with all/many cohorts? Will students share art materials? Will students sing in music?

    A: Encore teachers will be going into the classrooms. We have assigned them to a couple rooms per grade level in order to limit the number of students they come in contact with. Encore teachers will deliver live lessons from one room, and that will be shown in other classrooms at that grade level. For art, students will be using primarily their own materials. If they need a special art tool, the teachers will only be using ones that can easily be wiped and sanitized between classes. In music, singing will be limited and lessons will be focused on other musical elements (beats, rhythms, movement, etc.).


    Q: Can you elaborate on what the cafeteria/lunch seating will look like? Will students sit in their cohorts? With spaces left open between cohort members?

    A: With grade levels split in half, each cafeteria would have a maximum of three classes in there at a time. Cohorts will be required to sit together and more than 6 feet will be between cohorts' tables. We will space out cohort members as much as possible. We will be able to provide more distance while we are in the A-K/L-Z cohorts than when we are at a place where the whole class is back.


    Q: Can you elaborate on recess - approximately how many students will be out on the playground during lunch/recess time and the other recess time? And will masks be required then? Will there be other opportunities for the individual cohorts to go outside more frequently throughout the day?

    A: A grade level (5K-2) has approximately 200 students in it. At recess, there will be around 100 students outside with the ability to use the blacktop and grass areas to play. We have closed the playground structures because we will not be able to properly sanitize those surfaces between recess times. The same number of students and cohorts will be out together for their AM/PM recess and their lunch recess. We have also encouraged teachers to utilize outdoor spaces with their classes as other ways to give students a break from wearing their masks. Teachers may use outdoor spaces for snack, read aloud, independent reading, etc. during the day. When students are outside for PE, recess, or a class activity, they will not be required to wear a mask.


    Q: If we choose to not register our child for either option given to us to attend school at Pewaukee for the start of the year, and have them attend elsewhere whether that be private school, homeschooled, etc...will there be an invitation to register at a later point in the year when and if school gets back to the normal 5 days a week schedule?

    A:  If you are a Pewaukee resident, you are able to enroll your child in Pewaukee Public Schools at any time.


    Q: What is the status of the 4K wraparound care offered at PLE by Champions? Will this still be available?

    A: Champions is still running their programming for 4K wraparound care. You would need to contact Champions directly to know if and what their waitlist is like. They are a separate entity from the Pewaukee School District and just use our facilities. 


    Q: If a 4k student chose afternoon and the virtual option is chosen, will they have to do the work in the afternoon or can they switch to morning?

    A: If there is room in the AM virtual class, we can have them join that virtual classroom. However, if they switch from the virtual setting into in-person learning, they will have to be placed in an afternoon 4K classroom.


    Q: If you are partnering with another family on the virtual learning days (they are in same cohort) is it possible to request your kids be put in the same exact class with same teacher? 

    A: For the in-person classes, we are still following class placement procedures that we normally use. We try to create a balance of academic, behavior and social needs. In order to create balance in every in-person classroom, we will not be able to honor all of the pairings that may occur during the virtual days. Since our plan is to get students back on campus, we are weighing the in-person class balance more heavily at this time.


    Q: Will students that are in day care or other options on their off days, will they be required to view their zooms or videos while at daycare? Are the times flexible for their make up work? Specifically thinking about 4K students of working parents. Who helps them with their virtual days if the parent works?

    A: Live morning meetings will not be required for any grade. These are opportunities to build relationships between students and teachers. The recorded videos can be viewed at any time that works for individual families. We recognize that with daycares, babysitters, and work schedules that this may not always be at the same time each day. If a teacher wants to pull a small group for a live session, teachers will work with individual families to set up times that work.


    Q: For option B, Virtual Opt-In, there is a 9-week commitment. After those 9 weeks, will my son have satisfied the requirements of attending/finishing 5K? Are the weeks consecutive? Meaning, by the beginning of November 2020 he will be done with school?

    A: No, they would have completed one quarter of the 5K school year. We are giving families the option after a quarter of instruction to change if they feel a different setting would be more beneficial. They will still need to complete the remaining three quarters of the school year, whether in-person or virtual.


    Q: For grades 4K-first are we able to get a school issued laptop and who do we contact?

    A: A Technology Support phone line will be posted soon to provide you with support for getting and working devices for any virtual learners. This will be posted on the "Technology Information" section of Stay Safe to Stay Open page on the district website.


    Q:For the hybrid model will my child’s teacher be the same for in-person and virtual days or will there be one teacher for in-person that will teach both cohorts and one for virtual?

    A: For the hybrid model, your child will have the same teacher for in-person and virtual instruction. Teachers will change if a student switches from in-person to full virtual or full virtual to in-person.


    Q: What will a 4k-1st grade classroom look like? Will there be toys, play areas, teachers personal touches. Or will the rooms be equipped with just the essentials, desks, chairs..

    A: This will vary by grade level. We will still have play areas for 4K and 5K because we believe in and practice play-based learning. Of course, extra safety precautions will be taken to help keep these play areas and play materials safe. Students will be asked to wash and/or sanitize their hands before and after using common play areas. In first and second grade, students will still participate in some collaborative activities with additional layers of safety. Students will be spaced out a little further and wear masks when working with each other. These rooms will have essential furniture to help promote as much social distancing as possible, while still creating a warm and welcoming early elementary feeling in the classroom.


    Q: If our family is concerned about moving to Phase 2 too fast, can we switch to virtual if my family is not ready to move into 4 days in-person?

    A: The commitment for in-person/hybrid or virtual is 9 weeks. If you would like us to consider you making the change prior to the 9-week mark, please contact our office and we will place you on a waiting list. We are not able to guarantee that we can move you early, but will look at what options are available.


    Q: Will all schools need to move to phase 2 together or could potentially PLE and Horizon move to phase 2 while the high school needs to remain at phase 1?

    A: It could be all schools or some schools moving to different phases based on the data/conditions. It is possible for some schools to move to a different phase while others remain the same.


    Q: If we elect the hybrid option, will our kids have any live virtual classes the other 2 days of the week or will their lessons on those days be all recorded?

    A: While we are in Phase 1 of the Soft Start, your student will be invted to join a live morning meeting with the other cohort. This will not be required but offered as an opportunity to build relationships with other students. All academic lessons will be recorded. Once we get to a virtual Wednesday, there will be a live lesson on that day for all students. The other academic lessons will be recorded.


    Q: A previous question was answered that the same teacher will teach both in-person and virtual days, now that teachers have been assigned it appears kids from different coharts have the same teachers. How does that work and isn't that increasing the transmission risk?

    A: An in-person teacher's full class list has been split into two cohorts for the initial re-entry phase. Once we move to the next phase when all students in a class attend, those two cohorts will come together to create the entire class for that teacher. That in-person teacher will also be delivering the virtual lessons when the other cohort is in school as well as during a virtual Wednesday, when both cohorts are virtual.


    Q: Will the format for all 5K classes be under the same model? For example, my child has a different teacher than the kid that he will be with on Wednesdays due to childcare and they are both in 5K, will their lesson be the same or very similar? Or will they be expected to complete different lessons?

    A: All in-person teachers at a grade level will be working very closely together on their curriculum and lesson planning for the year. There may be times that both of them have the same recorded lesson, and other times their own teachers will record a lesson or have a live lesson that will be very similar to each other. Knowing that students may change teachers at some point during the year, we are making a stronger emphasis on similar experiences across a grade level no matter who the teacher is.


    Q: What are we to do with the kids school supplies at the start of school? Are the kids only bringing a few items to school or is it expected that everything be brought to school for Great Start Conferences like in years past? As a parent, I would rather not bring everything to school all at once until we know more about how this school year is going to play out.

    A: Your student should bring all of their materials during Great Start Conferences. Part of this time will linclude setting up their personal belongings in the room because they will not be any shared materials this year.


    Q: When/Where can I pickup a Chromebook for my 2nd grader?

    A: 2nd grade students will have one-to-one Chromebooks this year. They will be handed out to students at Great Start Conferences.


    Q: When and how can we drop of medication to have in the health room for our student?

    A: The nurses will have a table at Great Start Conferences. You can visit them to fill out the proper paperwork for the medication.


    Q: If your child is virtual and is doing a virtual Great Start Conference, how are school pictures handled? Will there be another day once we are in a different phase?

    A: Even virtual students are allowed to come to school to get their picture taken during Great Start Conferences. If you are uncomfortable coming in to get your picture taken, you can contact Mortenson to arrange a time to get your picture taken at their office.


    Q: Will the school start times be adjusted back to Horizon and PLE starting at the same time when we move to Phase 3 and 4? With 4 kids in 3 schools, driving to school 6 times a day is going to be very overwhelming.

    A: At this time, we have no intention to adjust the schools' schedules or the staggered bus routes. These processes are put in place to create smaller groups on the buses to ensure safe conditions for all students throughout the entire year. Even though we may move to a less restrictive phase, there is the chance that if our metrics change then we will have to move to a previous phase to ensure student safety.




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