Asa Clark Middle School - Q&A

  • Q: Will the virtual opt-in be similar to last spring?

    A:  The virtual opt in expereince will look different than last springs experience. Students will be expected to follow their class schedule and will have direct contact with their teacher on a daily basis.


    Q: How many students will be in each of the face to face classes?

    A:  Class lists will be seperated alphabetcally (A-K and L-Z). Class lists were not built with attention to alpha, but we are anticipating that the average class size will be around 15 students.


    Q: Will students still have the same number of elective classes for the in-person/hybrid model?

    A:  Yes, students in the in-person/hybrid model will have access to the same exploratory/elective classes that they would have under normal circumstances.


    Q: If I choose the in-person/hybrid model, will my child have access to their teacher on the days they are virtually learning?

    A:  Yes, however families should not expect an immediate response, as they are providing in-person instruction for the other co-hort. The virtual learning activities are designed to build upon the in-person learning, so your child should be able to complete these activities independently. If your child has a question, they are always encouraged to email their teacher, but also lean on other students in their class for support.


    Q: Will the students have the same elective class options for the virtual opt-in?

    A:  This will depend entirely on the number of students who select the virtual opt-in option. It is likely that we will have less access to our full list of electives.


    Q: When will schedules be finalized and released?

    A:  Due to students opting-in to the virtual plan, classlists may need to be rewitten. We won't be able to confirm classassignments until later in August.


    Q: How will my child stay safe in common areas around school (areas outside of the classroom?)

    A:  All students and staff will be required to wear masks in hallways, bathrooms, and other public/common areas around the school.


    Q: What platform will be used for the virtual opt-in?

    A: Canvas will be used as our learning management system.


    Q: What if I have children in my household with different last names? Will they be part of separate cohorts and have face to face instruction on different days?

    A:  It is our goal to keep children in each household in the same cohort. If you have children with different last names who end up in sepearate cohorts, please contact the AMCS and they will work to adjust the cohort assignment.


    Q: I will have an incoming 6th grader. I know their elective was limited to band or choir. Will they still have this option if they choose the virtual option?

    A:  Students will have a limited number of options if they choose the virtual opt-in. 6th grade students who choose the virtual opt-in will be scheduled for a music appreciation class.


    Q: Will Asa kids be supplied with a student planner to help with organization? Totally fine if not, just wanted to grab one if they weren’t.

    A:  Students are not supplied with planners, but we encourage all students to develop an organizational system that works for them!


    Q: Will there be any orientations and when are they scheduled? In particular looking at ASA.

    A:  Yes, we are working on a number of parent information nights for August. Dates are being finalized, but parents will be invited to participate in a "Welcome to Asa" presentation by administration and grade level houses and elective teams will host a "Back to School" virtual meetings. We will be sure to send out formal communication once we finalize dates and times.


    Q: Can you provide a list of classes that are not able to be offered virtually? 

    A:  Students who choose the virtual opt-in option will be enrolled in the following electives:
    Physical Education and Music Appreciation (quarter 1 and 3) and World Language and Culture and STEAM Explore (quarter 2 and 4).


    Q: In the hybrid model, what does the virtual component of education look like? Is the student joining the live classroom or are there specific virtual lessons?

    A: All lessons will include new instruction.  This may include live lessons with the in-person cohort, pre-recorded lessons, or use of external resources.


    Q: I will have an incoming 6th grader who will be doing the virtual option. Do you have a rough idea of what their schedule would look like?

    A: We will have a preliminary release of schedules on August 9th and finalize all schedules on August 20th. There may need to be some slight adjustmenting when we have final numbers of students who choose the hybrid/in person or virtual opt-in models. We have asked all families to make this decision by August 17th.




    Specific questions can also be emailed to Anthony Pizzo, ACMS Principal at