We recognize that our students are part of a global, digital society.
    We will engage in collaborative, inquiry-based learning environments, facilitated by educators who are able to use technology to transform knowledge and skills into solutions, new information, and products.
    We will foster an environment in which current technology and information resources are embraced.
    We will collaborate to integrate the use of technology and information into instructional practices to improve student learning.

    Parents/Guardians will receive information if a non-educational movie will be shown at school. The information will include the reason for the movie (i.e. celebration, reward). Only “G” rated movies will be shown, unless parent permission is given ahead of time. No movies rated above “PG” will be shown at the elementary level.

    Rules and Appropriate Usage
    The Pewaukee Public Schools encourages the use of computers and the network, including the Internet, as a tool for research and education. Laptops, computers, mobile devices, and the network, like any other school property, must be used for the educational purposes for which it was intended. The laptops issued to students are the property of Pewaukee Public Schools (PPS). The issue of a laptop to each student is a privilege, not a right, which may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct. Improper use of District technology may result in fines, loss of network/Internet privileges, detention, suspension, or expulsion. Before issued a laptop for use at school and/or home, students must sign this Acceptable Use Policy and the 1:1 Laptop Student
    Expectations form. Parents and guardians must accept the understanding of these policies (#6500.10, 6500.11, 6500.09, 3400.11, Student Laptop Expectations, Technology Code of Conduct, and Stakeholders’ Roles and Responsibilities) during the PSD on-line registration process. Parents/guardians must also pay a $12.50 (grades 7-12) or $7.00 (grades 5 & 6) Technology Consumables fee for the use of the laptop battery and case. All student forms, parent/guardian forms, and receipt of the Technology Consumable fee must be on record in the school prior to the student receiving a laptop for school and/or home use.

    Students are expected to abide by the following rules and behavioral expectations both at home and within the school:

    USE OF EQUIPMENT: Hardware and software
    Students must have a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian on file with the District to use the laptops and to use the Internet.
    The District’s technology is to be used for educational purposes only.
    The use of the District's technology must not violate existing policies of the Pewaukee Public Schools.
    Students may not load software/applications onto district computers or copy software/applications from the school computers.
    Students may not destroy, deface, or alter computer equipment or files not belonging to the student.
    Students may not hide files or activity on the computer.

    Students may not change, alter, bypass, or attempt to bypass any computer security measures including filtered Internet sites.
    The use of Web tools is considered extensions of the classroom. Therefore, any speech that is considered inappropriate in the classroom is also inappropriate in all uses of blogs, podcasts, or other Web tools. This includes but is not limited to profanity, racist, sexist, or discriminatory remarks.
    Chat lines, bulletin boards, forums, etc. may not be accessed by students without prior consent of a teacher or person monitoring the Internet use.
    All illegal activities are strictly forbidden including accessing or distributing obscene, abusive, sexually explicit, or threatening language or materials. Engaging in activities that are pornographic or drug related will result in automatic termination of your network/Internet privileges. Suspension or expulsion may result from inappropriate use.
    Sending messages via any technological or cellular communication system with the intent to intimidate, frighten, threaten, or abuse another person is considered harassment and will be dealt with as such. (Board of Education Policy #3400.11)
    Intentionally preventing or attempting to prevent the disclosure of your identity when sending a message to a person is prohibited
    Possession of malicious software items such as viruses, Trojan software, spy ware while at school, on the District network, or transferring to the District network will be considered a violation.
    The District reserves the right to search Internet accounts accessed with school equipment without permission if it is felt that illegal or inappropriate use of technology is occurring.

    Personally identifiable information should not be shared on the network. Do not reveal your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc., or personal information of your friends to anyone (Board of Education Policy #6500.11 & #6500.09).
    It is a violation to share a password with anyone else or to access any account belonging to other students, faculty, or staff.
    You may not use an account other than your own nor misrepresent your identity.

    The use of vulgar, suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

    Pewaukee Public Schools reserves the right to monitor all District technology use. Such an inspection may be conducted by school authorities when they deem necessary, without notice, without user consent, and without a search warrant. (Board of Education Policy #6500.10)
    The District also reserves the right to search Internet accounts accessed with school equipment without permission if it is felt that illegal or otherwise inappropriate use of technology is occurring. Improper use of District technology will result in fines, loss of network/Internet privileges, suspension, or
    expulsion as deemed appropriate. (Board of Education Policy #6500.09)

    Student Mobile Technology Expectations
    The District reserves the right to examine and/or confiscate any device at any time to ensure compliance with policies. Mobile technology devices may include laptop computers, portable digital assistants (PDA), cell phones, iPods/MP3 players, wireless devices, digital cameras, storage devices, or other electronics that may be carried on a person. Limited use of personal devices is permitted under the following terms:

    • ​Students may use personal devices during non-instructional times and locations as approved and designated by the building administrators.
    • Students may not use personal devices during instructional time unless approved by the building administrator or classroom teacher.
    • Students may not use personal devices to disrupt the school atmosphere.
    • Students may not use personal devices to connect to the District network either by wired or wireless methods without permission from the District network personnel and building principal.
    • Students may not use personal devices to obtain unfiltered access to web page content while on district property.
    • Students may not use personal devices to take photographs or to record audio or video while on District property or while a student is engaged in school-sponsored activities unless approved by the building principal.
    • Students may not use personal devices to compromise the integrity of the instructional or assessment program.
    • Students may not use personal devices to propagate a virus, worm, Trojan horse, spyware, or other malicious software on the District network.
    • Students may not use personal devices to establish a wireless network.
    • Students may not use personal devices to access, create or send inappropriate content while on district property or at school-sponsored events.

Technology Expectations