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Student Recognition


Asa Clark Middle School recognizes students monthly through a program called "ASA Excellence Award".  Students nominated for this award must exemplify components of the Pewaukee School District's graduate profile and demonstrate future ready competencies.  Congratulations to the following students who were nominated for the month of November 2019:


    • Declan West, Jack Kiser, Ashley Pudwell, Katelyn Melvin, Sienna Friend, Sayan Saha, Kaitlyn Jaeger, Sarah Schmidt, Ben Durost, Genevieve Schreck, Zahra Dhoondia, Peter Wilkinson, William Bolyard, Josie Wiggins, Emma Graff, Josh Roth, Gianna Schlender, Hanna Cutler, Tara Goold, Casey Westphal, Toni Haywood, Alexandra Walter, Kylie Huebschen, Hope May, Anna Terrian, Krista Longden and Rachel Fenger.