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Bus Passes

Per Asa Clark Policy, we require 24 hours notice for any bus passes that need to be issued. If a student needs to ride another bus home, they need to bring in a note from a parent stating what bus they will be going on, as well as, the reason they will be needing to change their transportation.

Any student that does not bring in a note 24 hours prior, will not be issued a pass, unless approved by administration based on circumstances. 


Volunteering at Horizon:

If your student is volunteering for a teacher at Horizon, they will be receiving their bus pass from the secretary (Mrs. Stewart) at Horizon. The teacher should notify the office that a student volunteer is coming, as well as, what day they will be there. This ensures that there will be a pass ready for your son/daughter when they arrive.


Any further questions in regards to this topic, please contact the Asa office at (262)-695-5024.