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Marijuana: A Community Conversation Event - March 7th

February 12th, 2019

On March 7th, 2019, Your Choice to Live is hosting an important event, Marijuana: A Community Conversation. Ed Shemelya, Director of the National Marijuana Initiative, and Former Prosecutor; Motivational Speaker, Monte Stiles, will serve as speakers for the event, which will examine the state of marijuana in America, with the expressed purpose of separating the myths surrounding marijuana with the reality of today’s marijuana. The group will look at potency of marijuana, how it has changed, and the consequences resulting from it.

Marijuana legalization currently is a hot topic in Wisconsin, with many myths and misconceptions on both sides of the issue. As a drug and alcohol prevention organization, Your Choice to Live, Inc. believe it is important to provide factual information so that people can make informed decisions about marijuana use. 

Ashleigh Nowakowski, a member of Your Choice to Live, explains, "As a person who works with students, you certainly are aware of the devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse in our state and communities.  Your Choice is committed to making a positive impact in our local communities and beyond, sharing powerful messages of education, prevention and hope to fight addiction to alcohol, opioids, heroin and other drugs. If you are not familiar with us, visit  to learn more, or give us a call".

To view more information about this event, complete details can be found at

The event will include a presentation over the lunch hour for professionals from 11:30-1:00 pm and an evening presentation for the general public, including youth, from 6:30-8:00 pm. The Waukesha County Expo Center is located at 1000 Northview Road in Waukesha. Children over the age of 12 are encouraged to attend with parents. Registration is free but required at

*Lunch will be provided thanks to the generous sponsorship of Rogers Behavioral Health and Gals Institute LLC. The lunch program will be limited to 150 participants.*