Can a student bring a cellphone to school?

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During the course of the school day (7:30am-2:45pm), students will be expected to secure their cell phones in their assigned locker. Students will be permitted to access their cell phones before the start of the school day, during their assigned lunch period, and at the end of the school day


  • Traditional uses of student cell phones (listening to music during independent, academic learning time, taking digital pictures for projects, etc…) will continue to be an option using school issued electronic devices and will be based on teacher discretion.
  • Students’ use of cell phones is strictly prohibited during class periods, passing time and restroom use during the school day (7:30am-2:45pm).
  • Students needing to make phone calls during the school day for emergency purposes may request permission to call using the school office phone or the use of their personal cell phone in the office.
  • Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to call the school office if an urgent message needs to be communicated to their student.


There may be special circumstances whereby student cell phones are needed for specific academic purposes. Any exceptions to this change in practice must receive advanced approval from school administration.