Units Overview

Chinese I Units Overview

School Year 2016-2017


Unit Theme/Topic

Essential Questions

Communicative Objectives

Culture Connection

Unit 1

Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

- What is the difference between Chinese and other languages?


-  How to greet others in Chinese

- How to ask and answer about your name, age and phone number

- Chinese pronunciation System

- Chinese characters/writing system



Unit 2

How to introduce myself

- How do you introduce yourself? What aspects do you mention?

 - What do you want to know about others when first met?

- How to ask and answer about your nationality, occupation and phone number

 - How to talk about family name and given name

-  How to talk about the occupation I have.


- How does Chinese naming system work?


Unit 3

I Love my Family

- What is family? What does family mean to you?

- How do you introduce your family?

- How to introduce different family members and their information including their name, age, nationality, occupation, etc.

- How to count the amount in Chinese

- How to express love


- Family structure in China

Unit Theme/Topic

Essential Questions

Communicative Objectives

Culture Connection

Unit 4

Colorful Fruits World

- How do people have different preference of colors or fruits?

- How do meaning of colors and fruits relate to culture?

- How to describe the color of different objects.

- How to express my preference of fruits and colors

- How to explain reasons of my preference.


- Cultural meaning of fruits

Unit 5

Date and Time

- What is time for?

- What dates are important to us?

- How to ask and tell the date and time

- How to talk about my daily schedule and routine

- How to greet people when meeting in different time of a day


- Different order of the display of date

Unit 6


- What do you like to do in your spare time?

 - What are hobbies for? Why do we have hobbies?

- How do we arrange time for different hobbies?

- How to talk about different hobbies and your preference

- How to talk about different time in a day for different activities

- How to talk about availability and to negotiate a meeting and time


- Popular activities among young people in China nowadays for weekend pleasure