Units Overview

Chinese II Units Overview

  School Year 2016-2017

Unit Theme/Topic

Essential Questions

Communicative Objectives

Culture Connection

Unit 1


- How do you introduce yourself to others? What do you include?

- What makes me unique? How do I perceive myself?



- How to greet people in a respectful way

- How to introduce myself including my name, grade and personality

- How to talk about the languages I am able to speak and would like to learn

- How to greet people in China


Unit 2

A school day

- What do we do at school?

- Why do we go to school? What does school provide us?

- How would my ideal school day look like?

- How to talk about the different classes and schedule I have

- How to talk about the different places I go in school

- How to compare the classes I have


- What does a regular school day of a Chinese student look like?

Unit 3


- What is the influence of weather to us?

- What do various kinds of weather bring us?


- How to describe different kinds of weather and temperature

- How to make decisions on travel destinations according to the weather information.

- How to describe the degree of something, such as a little cold


- The differences between weather of different places in China.

Unit Theme/Topic

Essential Questions

Communicative Objectives

Culture Connection

Unit 4

Animal Kingdom

- How does one animal different from another?

- How is it different or similar between animal world and human world in terms of diversity?

- How to describe the appearance and body parts of different animals

- How to describe the living habits of different animals

- Cultural meanings of some animals

Unit 5

Visual Arts

- Is art work defined by the creator or the viewer?

- What is the relationship between arts and real life?

- How to describe the objects, scenery, animals, people and scenery in a painting.

- How to describe the styles of the painting and the emotions it delivers.

- How to make comments on an art work.


- Traditional Chinese painting.

Unit 6


- Why are there so many kinds of different clothing?

- What do you take into consideration when you are trying to make a deal?

- How to talk about different kinds of clothing

- How to describe clothing, such as its size, color, and style/use

- How to choose appropriate clothing for different weather and places

- How to negotiate a deal/price to buy clothes

- What is some traditional Chinese clothing?

- What does Chinese currency look like?

- How do you bargain in China?