• School Counseling

    The mission of the Pewaukee Public School District’s School Counseling Program is to maximize all students’ abilities to develop strategies that support their academic achievement, self-awareness, interpersonal skills and career awareness.

    The Pewaukee Public School District School Counseling Program is based on the National Standards for School Counseling Programs and the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model, which integrates academic, career, and personal /social development. The school counseling program reflects the progression of student development from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. It is delivered through a direct service program consisting of the following components:

    • School Counseling Curriculum (currently in 4th, 5th and 6th gr. classrooms 8x a year)
    • Individual Planning (working with parents and teachers to plan interventions for individual students)
    • Responsive Services (short term solution focused counseling for individual or groups of students)
    • System Support (variety of activities as determined by the need of what it takes to educate children)
  • Curriculum topics focus on: 

    • Academic success skills
    • Career Development
    • Citizenship
    • Communication and Social Skills
    • Goal Setting
    • Safety & Wellness
    • Self-Knowledge & Self-Management
    • Transitions

    Small Counseling Groups (Counselor, Teacher, and Parent referral with parent permission to participate)

    • Family Changes: support group for students affected by divorce, separation, living in a blended family, or death
    • S.O.S. (Study and Organization Skills): students learn how to keep themselves organized at home and school and how to be a successful student
    • Stop & Think: students will benefit from learning strategies that will assist them in "stopping" and "thinking" before they say or do something
    • TLC: a social group designed to increase self-esteem in social situations
    • Wind-Down Wednesday: students will learn positive, age-appropriate strategies to calm their bodies, reduce stress, and relieve intense feelings
    • Any other groups as needed

    Problem-solving Sessions
    Students can sign-up or ask their teacher to meet with Mrs. Howard to help solve their problem. The goal in meeting is to help brainstorm a solution to the problem in which the student(s) can carry out.


 Laura Howard



Degrees and Certifications:

Laura Howard

Pewaukee Lake Elementary School Counselor



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