Brian Siegel
  • Dear PLE Families,

    It is my honor to take on this role at Pewaukee Lake Elementary this year. After the welcome that I had as the Associate Principal two years ago, I knew this was a special community and a place I wanted to be for a long time. This year will prove to be different from any other year we have had in education. However, we will continue our strong tradition of providing educational experiences that will "Open the Door to Each Child's Future".
    As we transition to an early elementary school, we will focus on hands-on learning experiences that open students' eyes to the greater world. We will encourage and challenge them to question, discover, explore, learn and play. Whether they are in-person with us every day or not, we will strive to foster every child's love of learning and love of school. We know that relationships are at the heart of education, so this will continue to be an emphasis through morning meetings, Responsive Classroom practices, and team building activities. Like we always say here at PLE: Be Here, Be You, Belong.
    As we approach all of these unknown challenges this year, we will not be able to thrive without the continued support of the PLE and Pewaukee communities. The PLE staff is committed to making this year feel as normal as possible while keeping your students and families safe. I look forward to a wonderful year together!
    Brian Siegel