• Welcome to 2nd Grade!


    We are excited to welcome you into The Genius Lab; our co-taught classroom community. Our focus this year will be on forming a learning community between two classrooms. This provides many opportunities for choice including small group instruction and flexible learning spaces to meet all students’ needs. In this environment you will learn to be reflective goal setters in order to take ownership of your learning and work collaboratively with your peers.


    You are going to love 2nd grade. We are busy planning a year full of fun learning experiences for you!! We will sharpen our reading skills as we talk about different authors and learn from the lessons they teach us through their stories. We will become authors ourselves as we write our own exciting stories. In math we will be doing units on adding, subtracting, telling time, money, geometry, and fractions. Our science units are fun and hands on and you’re going to enjoy them!


    Please go to the classroom website for more information.