Strategic Planning in PSD

  • Strategic Planning - Five Key Areas

    In order to reach Strategic Planning goals, and thereby, achieve our Mission, we must have specific strategies in place to guide our work. Each year the Strategic Plan initiatives take into account the recommendations and opinions of citizens, staff, parents, and administration in two meetings designed to explore each strategy in the plan. The strategies are as follows:

    1. Strategy: Teaching and Learning - Pewaukee School District will provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum delivered by high quality educators who use innovative, research-based strategies to prepare students to compete in a global environment in the 21st century.
    2. Strategy: Technology - Create classroom environments where students engage in collaborative, inquiry-based learning, facilitated by educators who are able to use technology to transform knowledge and skills into solutions, new information, and products.
    3. Strategy: Communication & Community Engagement - Pewaukee School District will communicate, engage and develop partnerships with students, staff, and citizens to help reach our mission of academic excellence and positive citizenship for all students.
    4. Strategy: Workforce Engagement & Development - Pewaukee School District will utilize best practices to hire, retain, engage, and develop a skilled and talented workforce that will enable the District to achieve its mission.
    5. Strategy: Facilities & Operations - Pewaukee School District will provide safe, healthy, and efficiently operated schools to ensure the success of all students and accountability for all stakeholders.
  • What is in the 2018-19 Strategic Plan?
    It shows the five key strategy areas of the Strategic Plan along with some description of the major activities that will take place in each key area.  Not surprisingly, the Teaching & Learning area continues to be the largest in the Strategic Plan. Yet we also have four other strategy areas we are focusing on:  Technology, Communication & Community Engagement, Workforce Engagement & Development, and Facilities & Operations.  Each of the five key areas is supported by specific Action Plans that guide our work. 

    How do we monitor the progress we make on our Strategic Plan? 
    We are very disciplined about monitoring progress on our Strategic Plan because we know we want to get things done to make progress. We use two types of documents to mark progress, one is our Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) form and the other is a Scorecard. 

  • PDSA Action Plans
    We create PDSA Action Plans for the eight key Action Plan areas of the Strategic Plan. 

    • Teaching & Learning Grading for Learning
      • Personalized Learning
      • Disciplinary Literacy
      • Inclusion
    • Communication & Community Engagement
      • School-Parent Communication
    • Technology
      • Digital Literacy
    • Employee Engagement & Development
      • Employee Engagement Analysis
    • Facilities & Operations
      • Employee Wellness

    We continue to use the framework we have utilized for the past five years to note the work accomplished in 90 Day increments. The Administrators and the Board of Education review progress every three months. We do this more intensive process to make certain we are making headway on the eight key Strategic Plan Action Plan areas.  These focus us clearly on our goals and then on the actions and steps that will help us attain these goals.

    Every school and department leader in the Pewaukee School District has a Scorecard to monitor key “pillar” areas of Student Learning, Service, People and Finance. By having a common focus on these four areas, we “grow” our common language of improvement.  Scorecards also give breadth to our analysis of a department or school.  They focus on more than the action plan initiatives; they focus on the overall key performance indicators for that school or area. We are committed to the strategic planning process because it has and will continue to focus us on our primary responsibility, to help students achieve their academic potential. The Pewaukee School District Strategic Plan is an active, "living document" which is continually updated.

    If you would like to be involved in this process in the future, please send an email to Superintendent Mike Cady: