• Our Mission:

      Through our unique all-school campus setting, the Pewaukee Public School District will open the door to each child's future.

      Additionally, our school community delivers an innovative and progressive education where we are:
      - Passionate about academic excellence
      - Committed to fostering positive citizenship
      - Dedicated to inspiring all students to flourish

      Belief Statements:
      We believe in all students achieving their potential
      We believe in providing a safe learning environment
      We believe students learn best when engaged, challenged, and respected
      We believe student learning is our responsibility
      We believe in modeling and teaching the qualities of good character so every student grows intellectually, socially, and emotionally
      We believe teachers and staff are vital to student learning
      We believe that the professionalism of all staff is a critical component of student success
      We believe in welcoming and involving families and the community in the education of students
      We believe in committing our resources to maximize student achievement
      We believe in continuous progress to attain excellence