• Pewaukee School district uses Canvas, an online learning management system (LMS). The use of a common LMS  provides efficiency and consistency for accessing instructional resources for teachers, students, and parents. A centralized resource that houses learning resources in one, easily accessible location builds familiarity for students beginning in the early grades, continuing through their career in PSD. Parents are able to observe course-related information regarding student progress as an observer in Canvas courses, and stay up-to-date via personalized notification settings.  This is a long-term commitment and the district will provide training and support for staff, students, and parents to grow their expertise with the use of the system. We strongly urge all parents to create an Observer account in Canvas, as Canvas will be the main communication tool for all global class/course announcements, reminders, important dates, etc.
    Canvas for Parents

    Want to learn more about Canvas?
    Watch a brief video walkthrough "HERE"
    Check out our Canvas Class for Parents "HERE"
    For step-by-step instructions on creating an Observer account, go to http://bit.ly/PSDCanvasPair
    To request a pairing code or additional help, go to: http://bit.ly/CanvasPHelpPSD
    Already have an account? Login here:  https://pewaukee.instructure.com/