• Welcome to my home page!  
    My name is Justin Friske, and I am the special education teacher who will be working as the instructor in Essential Math, along with supporting many math classes with students in the coming school year.  My job is ton ensure students have a person in the building to advocate for their specific needs, and to communicate to teachers and parents of any issues, positive or negative, that students may have throughout the school year.
    I will also be collaborating with classroom teachers and staff on the development of the IEPs with students, Special Education Staff,  and the IEP team, and will do my best to communicate progress toward IEP goals, or the need to modify goals to fit student performance.  Ultimately, I am a partner in assisting with students and their success academically at PHS, and hope for open communication to meet that goal!
    If you have an email that is preferable for me to contact you through, or if there are any changes to or with your student in the summer of which you think I should be made aware, please do not hesitate to contact me, either via email, or my extension, 5719.