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Adriana Plach

Academic & Career Coordinator, Pewaukee School District

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From very young ages, we ask our children "What do you want to be when you grow up"?  Our kids understand early on that there is an expectation that they are thinking about their future.  However, this can seem overwhelming - both for students AND for parents.  So - what should students be thinking about?  When should they know what their future plans are?  Do they really need to have their journey mapped out - or will they face challenges if they don't have a clear path?  As a parent, how do I know what decisions my child should have made, or be thinking about?   How do I make sure that they are set up for success beyond high school?

These are powerful and important questions.  Today, parents and educators are teaming up to prepare youth for a world that is very different from the one that we experienced as children.  We are preparing children for a global economy, and for jobs that don't even exist yet!  Together we are partnering with families and our greater community to ensure that students from the Pewaukee School District are equipped with the education, skills, and experiences they need to be competitive in 21st Century careers.
Recently the State of Wisconsin joined a movement across the nation - to develop and ensure comprehensive Academic and Career Plans for ALL students in grades 6-12.  This initiative is under development, and we are proud to share that the Pewaukee School District is actively involved in this important work, both at a local and state level.  The ultimate goal is that all children will leave Pewaukee School District with the college and career readiness for their post-secondary journey - no matter which path they choose.  
We are "Opening the Door to Each Child's Future" so they are ready to "Open Doors for Themselves"!
March 16, 2017:
If you missed the ACP Parent Presentation, please feel free to view the presentation and handouts below (select link to open):
Presentation: Academic & Career Planning in the Middle Years