• Students will be working throughout the year on personal research projects. Each student will create a personal resource binder about themselves after site visits, self reflection and interviews,  IEP review and other evaluation documents. The binder will include information about their disability~ along with strengths and weaknesses that they have identified. Each student will create a resume, a list of references and a collection of information for resources and supports they may need now or in the future. Students will meet each month with their DVR vocational counselor on the first Thursday of the month, as they continue on the individual journey toward employment.


    Academic units for 2016-2017 year will span a variety of topics:

    • Sept.- Self advocacy

    • Oct.- Dress for Success

    • Nov.-Personal Healthcare

    • Jan. -Personal Safety

    • Feb.- Housekeeping

    • March- Phone talk

    • Apr.- My job

    • May -Future Living Options