• Communicating to all Stakeholders

    The Pewaukee School District values proactive and transparent communication with the school community and broader residential community. In fact, the Office of Public Information was developed as part of Pewaukee School District's strategic planning in 1997. Strategic planning offers the community an opportunity to have input into the planning process for future growth in the District. The Office of Public Information is staffed year round. Any comments concerning publications, the website, press release suggestions, or community collaboration ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

    Newcomers and Prospective Resident Information 

    Newcomer packets for realtors, prospective residents, and others who may be interested in knowing more about Pewaukee School District are available, please direct requests to the Public Information Coordinator. Potential home buyers in the Pewaukee School District may check an address to determine school district boundaries by clicking here.

    Media Relations

    Daily and weekly updates are provided to local print media outlets to share stories related to student and staff achievements, interesting stories, events, and activities relating to community service. Stories of significance for a wider audience in southeastern Wisconsin are sent to broadcast media. All inquires for students highlighted in stories and photographs should be directed to the Public Information Office. Student disclosure information is on file here for the purpose of media usage. (Read Pewaukee Schools stories in the news at right.)

    Community Relations

    Administrators are members of the Pewaukee area Rotary Club, the Kiwanis, and the Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce. Representatives of the District provide regular updates for organizations on student achievement, goals of the District, and new initiatives. Community outreach may include: realtor tours and information sessions, visits to local senior communities, computer courses offered to the community, and email invitations to campus-wide events. In 2010, the strategic planning committee added Business and Community Partnerships as a way to target growth in developing connections with the greater community.

    Please contact the Public Information Office to book a speaker, organize a tour of the Pewaukee School District campus, or to provide a suggestion for community-related activities.

    Alumni Relations

    Pewaukee High School alumni have been considered an important group to establish contact with since the strategic planning for communications in 2008. Our alumni and community program keeps people connected to the schools by engaging them in social activities, honoring an alumni person of the year, and offering the Pirate Nation website (pewaukeepirates.alumninations.com) as a gathering place. Enewsletters are sent out four times per year to those who sign up for an account through the website (click here). In addition, alumni surveys evaluating academic preparation for higher education or the workplace, have been sent out to graduating classes over the past three years. Survey responses contribute to important contributors to changes in curriculum.


    The Pewaukee School District publications are in PDF format at right. The Perspective Newsletter is produced three times per school year and sent to 13,000 residents. The Annual Report is produced in August of every year prior to the Annual Meeting. The Report is available online and announced through a postcard sent to 13,000 residents prior to the Annual Meeting in August. View news articles highlighting the District and Pewaukee Schools at right.

    Social Media

    Please "like" us on Facebook at "PewaukeeSchools" (no space) and receive information directly into your Facebook newsfeed. On Twitter, go to "@PewaukeeSD" and request to be a Pewaukee School District follower. Be the first to know about awards, activities in and around the District, and events.

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    Search for the Pewaukee School District and download the app to your Apple device or tablet. It provides easy access to lunch menus, calendars, websites, bus information and more!

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