• New Information added to RFP BID PHS to HE to WCTC OM3 Fiber C2017-18-1a

    Posted by Michael Murphy on 4/3/2017

    Additional info posted.

    Conduit may / may not be available between PHS and Horizon Elementary.  Dark single mode fiber is in place.  It may be utilized reducing the distance needed to be run to reach WCTC, or could be use as a pull wire to pull new fiber (assuming it is in an interduct).  That would need to be determined by the vendor.  

    If utilizing the dark fiber connectors would need to be added to each end and a repeater put in or possibly they could be joined.

    There are paths between WCTC and Horizon Elementary in the wood.  These should allow for direct bury of the fiber.

    Existing penetrations and handholds at the WCTC L building can be used.

    An Ortonics fiber bulkhead to terminate at WCTC would be needed in WCTC's Ortonics fiber housing.  All other needs should be taken care of at WCTC.

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  • Distance Amended on 2 Cabling RFP's. C2017-18-1 and C2017-18-2

    Posted by Michael Murphy on 3/7/2017

    The distance from PHS to the L building at WCTC is approximately 2100'.

    The distance between the server room at PHS and the MS IDF A/B closets is approx 450'.

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