• Clarifications on RFP for Fiber

    Posted by Michael Murphy on 3/15/2019

    Question:   How many strands of fiber run to Horizon?  How many to WCTC?   How many new strands to Pewaukee Lake Elementary?

    Answer:     12 multi-mode run to Horizon.     12 single mode to WCTC.     24 new strands of single mode desired at Pewaukee Lake Elem.

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  • Clarifications on RFP for Copper Cabling

    Posted by Michael Murphy on 3/13/2019

    Question:  Are connections Plenum or not?

    Answer:  Buildings and locations vary.  All proposals should be for plenum cabling in all locations for copper.

    New Questions Posted 3/15/19

    Question: Is there existing rack space in all the data rooms/closets for the additional patch panels? If no, which closets need additional racks and what type of racks do they require? (two post, 4 post, wall racks, etc.)

    Answer: Their should be enough rack space in all closets. If one was needed for cabling 2-post racks are what are used.

    Question: Is there enough space in the existing horizontal cable pathways in each of the schools or will new pathway be required?

    Answer: I can not say. You would have to make your own determination.

    Question: Will any floor or wall cores be required?

    Answer: It is possible that up to 2 corings could be needed in the HS, and possible 1 in the MS. I cannot say for sure. You would have to make your own determination.

    Question: Will a lift be available for us to use?

    Answer: The district does own a manual lift (which is very difficult to move / use). During the summer at some point the district will often rent a power lift for a week. I do not know if the timing will be convient for the installation.

    Question: Are there any areas (besides the gyms and auditoriums) in any of the buildings that are not drop ceilings and may require surface raceway/conduit?

    Answer: It is likely in the 6 rooms of PLE (300's) that surface raceway may be needed and that existing raceway could be full. Their is also a location that could require drilling through a block wall to mount a jack in the attrium.

    Question: Is there a time for a talk-through?

    Answer: Time is getting short before submission time, but yes it is possible to walk through the buildings yet.


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  • Clarifications on RFP for Switches

    Posted by Michael Murphy on 3/13/2019

    Question:  In order to save money do you need high power (802.3bt) on switches?

    Answer:  While preferred I will entertain switches without "bt" as we could use injectors if needed at a later time to keep this affordable.

    Question:  Are the 2.5 and 5 ghz data rates important to you?  (802.11bz)

    Answer:   Yes switches should support this.   Do all switches need to support this feature?   Atleast 24 ports per large closet should be high speed.  Large closets would be defined as over 96 ports.   Closets of 96 ports should have 16, and closets of 48 can have 8.

    Question:   What data rates should be planned for closets?

    Answer:   In the MS and HS closets should be planned for 10GB but capable of allowing 40gb or better.  In the elementary buildings connections should be planned as 1gb as they are connected with multimode fiber and are longer runs ~900'.  LACP may be employed to provided additional 1gb connections to closets.


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  • New Erate Postings Planned for 2019-2020 School Year

    Posted by Michael Murphy on 2/18/2019
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