• On November 16, 2021 the report cards for 2020-21 issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will be publicly released.   This report card reflects state standardized test results and is one part of our three-tiered system to obtain a balanced profile of student achievement.  District and classroom assessments are also considered for a comprehensive understanding of achievement. 

    Overall, the District scored in the Significantly Exceeds Expectations category with an overall score of 84.7.  Horizon Elementary (83) and Pewaukee High School (88.1) were also in the Significantly Exceeds Expectations categories this year. This is the highest rating possible in the state system.  Asa Clark Middle School was in the Exceeds Expectations category with an overall score of 75.0.   Pewaukee Lake Elementary no longer has a grade level that takes state assessments so their report card is derived from academic goals and performance that we provide to the state.  The data that is listed on the report card is historical data from when 3rd grade was a part of the school.  This data does not impact the rating.   The ratings that are possible for schools like this are either Satisfactory Progress or Not Satisfactory Progress.  PLE rated as Satisfactory Progress. 

    These report cards rely on the results of mandated state assessments and some additional factors including graduation rate and attendance rates to grade schools for public accountability. While we are pleased that all of our schools are exceeding or significantly exceeding expectations by this measure, we will look deeply at this data, as well as the many other measures we utilize as information to help drive our continuous improvement efforts.