• On May 24, 2021, the Board of Education approved curriculum revisions in Music K-12.  Below are highlights and documents related to the new music curriculum.


    Research & Value Statements:


    • Music provides an opportunity for students to connect to their social-emotional health and well-being. (Care)
    • The study of music develops creativity, self-expression, discipline and collaboration. (Create & Collaborate)
    • Technology will enhance students’ literacy/creating/composing/research/world connections/engagement skills and practice. (Connect)
    • Students will be driven to read and perform with technical and performance skills meeting and exceeding their grade and age. (Commit and Compete)
    • Students will analyze how we interact with others and develop global awareness through music (Connect and Care)



    Curriculum Revision Highlights:

    • Continued connections to the PSD Graduate Profile
    • Enhanced use of technology
    • Refinement of curriculum due to grade reconfiguration
    • Reintroduction to music

    Access to Curriculum

    To access curriculum unit plans for the Pewaukee School District please click HERE to enter our curriculum warehouse.  You may search for specific grade level, subject area, and/or course(s). 

    Music Documents: