• On May 24, 2021, the Board of Education approved curriculum revisions in Music K-12.  Below are highlights and documents related to the new music curriculum.


    Research & Value Statements:


    • Music provides an opportunity for students to connect to their social-emotional health and well-being. (Care)
    • The study of music develops creativity, self-expression, discipline and collaboration. (Create & Collaborate)
    • Technology will enhance students’ literacy/creating/composing/research/world connections/engagement skills and practice. (Connect)
    • Students will be driven to read and perform with technical and performance skills meeting and exceeding their grade and age. (Commit and Compete)
    • Students will analyze how we interact with others and develop global awareness through music (Connect and Care)



    Curriculum Revision Highlights:

    • Continued connections to the PSD Graduate Profile
    • Enhanced use of technology
    • Refinement of curriculum due to grade reconfiguration
    • Reintroduction to music


    Music Documents: