• Pewaukee School District will provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum delivered by high quality educators who use innovative, research-based strategies to prepare students with the skills necessary to contribute and create value to our ever-changing, diverse world now and in the future.

    To create an environment that supports and challenges students on their individual pathway towards maximizing their knowledge and skills based on individual interest, motivation, and readiness, the Pewaukee School District strives to develop a personalized learning system.  This system recognizes that students move on a fluid instructional continuum that must support the goal of increased learner independence and agency for all students.  The Pewaukee School District has identified 6 core guiding principles to develop a personalized learning environment for each student including: 

      • Curriculum that is standards-based
      • Learning that is authentic & relevant
      • A digitally rich/tech infused environment
      • Learning that requires higher order thinking
      • Flexible structures & spaces for learning
      • Development of student agency


    Access to Curriculum

    To access curriculum unit plans for the Pewaukee School District please click HERE to enter our curriculum warehouse.  You may search for specific grade level, subject area, and/or course(s). 


    Curriculum Evaluation & Review Process

    The Pewaukee School District has a five phase curriculum review cycle for each content area.  Each year the Board of Education approves the Curriculum Renewal & Design Process Calendar that identifies each phase for each content area.  The phases of curriculum renewal are outlined in the Curriculum & Evaluation Process. Click on the links below to view the calendar and process for curriculum review.