• Curriculum... what we teach

    Our students are learning more and improving academically due in part to our emphasis on curriculum - what students learn. Our sequential K-12 curricula are aligned with rigorous learning standards. They clearly identify the specific knowledge and skills to be taught at each grade level.

    Instruction... how we teach

    • We are proud of what our students learn and of our educators who provide instruction. Our teachers are caring professionals who hold high expectations for students. We have equally high expectations for the role teachers and administrators play in students learning. We use the Components of Professional Practice to outline for teachers the areas that impact students learning:

      • Planning and Preparation
      • Creating a Positive Classroom Environment
      • Utilizing Effective Instructional Strategies
      • Demonstrating Professional Responsibility

      Learning never ends. This is true for all the professionals in the Pewaukee Schools who want to better support our student learners. In an effort to facilitate the ongoing improvement of performance the district has implemented a Learning Coaching Model in which highly trained coaches collaborate with our teachers to provide job-embedded professional development focused on the areas of literacy, mathematics, science, and educational technology.


Curriculum Important Documents