• On May 20, 2019, the Board of Education approved curriculum revisions in World Language K-12.  Below are highlights and documents related to the world language curriculum.

    Value Statements:

    • Students must be linguistically, socially, and culturally equipped to communicate successfully and demonstrate understanding, acceptance, and respect in our multilingual, multicultural world.
    • Curriculum and instruction should be thematic in order to equip students with skills that are relevant and applicable outside of the school setting that promote future-readiness.
    • Students should be exposed to resources and classroom experiences that are authentic and simulate real-life situations.
    • The scope and sequence of the curriculum should be fluid and continuous through the K-12 program and across languages by working as a collaborative team of educators.

    Research Summary:

    A variety of resources are reviewed as part of the curriculum review process including standards and best practice research.  It should be noted that the review of research tries to be as comprehensive as possible; therefore, articles and resources that have been reviewed may or may not have been taken into consideration when making review recommendations.  Below are the research summary findings that were taken into consideration for the final curriculum revisions.

    • Authenticity/Personalized Learning is important
    • Time at all levels for foreign language is needed
    • Need to see growth in language for Americans
      • Speaking a second language- Americans 18%
      • Spanish- second most spoken language in world
      • Mandarin- strong global interest in this language
    • Incorporation of technology helpful in world language instruction

    Curriculum Revision Highlights:

    • Focus on Instructional Approaches: An investment in teacher professional development is recommended for staff to not only stay current on research and best practices in World Language curriculum, but instruction as well.  
    • Authentic & Relevant Experiences:  Continued infusion of authentic and relevant experiences for students is at the forefront of the values and curriculum.  New experiences planned include a translation course for students at PHS to authentically use their language skills to support area businesses with translations services in all languages.  Travel and use of technologies also supports more authentic experiences being embedded in the curriculum.
    • Grade Reconfiguration Impact:  The World Language Team developed a creative idea for how students can explore all three languages in 6th grade and the subsequent impact on other course offerings. 

    World Language Documents: