• The world language curriculum is in curriculum renewal phase II for the 2023-24 school year.  Phase I of the curriculum renewal was in 2022-23.  The public report of phase I can be found here.  Below are some details of the curriculum renewal to date:

    Value Statements:

    Subject area value statements are collaboratively developed following the review of professional literature on best practices as it relates to teaching and learning in a discipline.  These value statements serve as guide posts that provide direction context for the development and revision of district curricula.  The following value statements were developed for World Language:

    • Our program needs to be driven and measured by the ACTFL Proficiency standards.
    • Students must be linguistically, socially, and culturally equipped to communicate successfully and demonstrate understanding, acceptance, and respect in our multilingual, multicultural world. Instruction should be inclusive of diverse groups of people.
    • At least 75 minutes per week of instruction of a second language in elementary school, during the critical period of brain development, leads to higher proficiency levels as well as increased listening, memory, creativity, and critical thinking skills in every discipline. 
    • Curriculum should be designed using backwards design. Thematic (content, not grammar-based) units of study should be authentic, relevant, and applicable to an outside-of-the-classroom setting to promote future readiness. Grammar instruction should complement the thematic unit, not drive it.  
    • Students should be exposed to resources, assessments, and classroom experiences that are authentic and simulate real-life, relevant situations.
    • The scope and sequence of the curriculum should be fluid and continuous through the K-12 program and across languages by working as a collaborative team of educators.
    • Instruction should be conducted in the target language when appropriate, using language that is comprehensible to students.


    Research Summary:

    The team reviewed a variety of resources as part of the curriculum review process including Wisconsin state standards and best practice research.  It should be noted that the review of research tries to be as comprehensive as possible; therefore, articles and resources that have been reviewed may or may not have been taken into consideration when making review recommendations.  Below are the research summary findings that were taken into consideration for curriculum revisions.

    • Research continues to show benefits of language learning ase a central part of any curriculum due to globalization of the world’s economy and language learning has been shown to greatly enhance student performance across the curriculum.
    • Through world language instruction, students should experience language, culture, and content first-hand; students should be learning about themselves and their world by examining another culture and its language.
    • Recommended instructional strategies include: students learning to use the language rather than learning about the language; communicative activities are given priority; grammar is taught in the context of other meaningful activities; and students shoudlb be examining authentic cultural resources
    • Better technology with translation continues to be a threat in the World Language classroom. Correct use of technology needs to be embedded into lessons & curriculum so that kids know how to use these tools to their advantage without using them inappropriately.


    Phase II Timeline:

    The following draft timeline indicates key next steps in the curriculum review & revision process.  Dates are subject to change.

    • October 2023-March 2024- Staff internally develop revisions and write new curriculum in curriculum management system 
    • November 2023- Board of Education reviews and takes action on new course proposals (if needed)
    • December 2023-January 2024- New course approvals communicated to students and families for fall registration process
    • November 2023-January 2024- Resource recommendations and preliminary budget developed
    • Spring 2024- Board of Education is presented curriculum, followed by a two-week public review time period.  Board of Education takes action on proposed curriculum at the next meeting following the presentation (typically 2 weeks later).

    Access to Curriculum

    To access curriculum unit plans for the Pewaukee School District please click HERE to enter our curriculum warehouse.  You may search for specific grade level, subject area, and/or course(s). 

    2019-2024 World Language Documents: