• The physical education/health curriculum is in curriculum renewal phase II for the 2023-24 school year.  Phase I of the curriculum renewal was in 2022-23.  The public report of phase I can be found here.  Additionally, on May 22, 2023 the Board of Education approved the process to select committee members for the Human Growth & Development Committee.  That process can be viewed here.  Below are some details of the curriculum renewal to date:

    Value Statements:

    Subject area value statements are collaboratively developed following the review of professional literature on Best Practices as it relates to teaching and learning in a discipline.  These value statements serve as guide posts that provide direction context for the development and revision of district curricula.


    Physical Education is for EveryBODY Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Pewaukee Physical Education Program is to provide all students with a progression of physical activities that enrich their educational experience and teach them skills to be fit and healthy for life.  We will engage our students to foster the development of positive lifestyle choices to enhance their physical, mental and social well-being.


    Health Education Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Pewaukee Health Education Program is to teach all students the necessary health skills to make wise, healthy choices, lead a safe and healthy lifestyle to develop a high level of physical, mental and social wellness now and throughout their life.


    We are committed to meeting the Mission(s) of the PE and Health Program by providing:

    • Rigorous, standards-based curriculum
    • Exposure to multiple forms of physical activity
    • Developmentally appropriate instruction, lifetime activity, & cultural awareness
    • Learning of staff and students of best practices for physical, mental, and social well-being
    • Promotion of healthy living throughout a student’s daily life
    • Health literacy


    Research Summary:

    The team reviewed a variety of resources as part of the curriculum review process including Wisconsin state standards and best practice research.  It should be noted that the review of research tries to be as comprehensive as possible; therefore, articles and resources that have been reviewed may or may not have been taken into consideration when making review recommendations.  Below are the research summary findings that were taken into consideration for curriculum revisions.

    • Vertical alignment of physical activities and development, as well as health topics is essentail for student growth and learning.  
    • Recess or physical activity breaks offer an excellent opportunity for youth at all grade levels to engage in free play or semi-structured physical activity during the school day, and allows -youth the opportunity to apply skills learned in physical :education. Recess should not, however, replace physical education or be used to meet time requirements set forth in physical education policies.
    • There are many technology solutions available to track personal fitness that could be used in the classroom to personalize the student experience.
    • Inclusive practices for all students is more widely approved of in research for students with special needs.  Some needs should be met in an adaptive setting, but many needs can be met through supported inclusive practice.


    Phase II Timeline:

    The following draft timeline indicates key next steps in the curriculum review & revision process.  Dates are subject to change.

    • October 2023-March 2024- Staff internally develop revisions and write new curriculum in curriculum management system 
    • November 2023- Board of Education reviews and takes action on new course proposals (if needed)
    • December 2023-January 2024- New course approvals communicated to students and families for fall registration process
    • November 2023-January 2024- Resource recommendations and preliminary budget developed
    • Spring 2024- Board of Education is presented curriculum, followed by a two-week public review time period.  Board of Education takes action on proposed curriculum at the next meeting following the presentation (typically 2 weeks later).

    Access to Curriculum

    To access curriculum unit plans for the Pewaukee School District please click HERE to enter our curriculum warehouse.  You may search for specific grade level, subject area, and/or course(s). 

    2018-2024 Phy Ed/Health Documents:


    Human Growth & Development

    Wisconsin Statute 118.019 encourages all school boards to provide students with human growth and development instruction. The purpose is “to promote accurate and comprehensive knowledge in this area and responsible decision making and to support and enhance the efforts of parents to provide moral guidance to their children.”  The Pewaukee School District’s Human Growth and Development Curriculum is part of our Physical Education/Health curriculum, specifically in grades 4, 5, 7, and 10.  Parents may opt their child out of the this curriculum through the annual registration process.  Below are documents that outline the teaching & learning practices, guidelines, expectations, and specific unit curriculum.

    Human Growth & Development Committee Process- Approved by Board of Education- May 2023