• On May 18, 2020, the Board of Education approved curriculum revisions in career & technical education (CTE) K-12.  Below are highlights and documents related to the career & technical education curriculum.

    Value Statements:

    • Innovative & Risk-Taking Environment: We value innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and responsible risk taking to foster continuous improvement.
    • Collaborative Partnerships: We value collaborative partnerships with business, industry, community, and post secondary institutions that enhance learning, integrate academic subjects with 21st century skills, and expose students to technical knowledge of careers.
    • Professionalism & Ethics: We value high standards of professionalism, in an atmosphere of honest, open communication, and ethical workplace behaviors.
    • Relevant & Rigorous: We value courses that are standards-driven in an academically rigorous environment so all students can independently meet their goals.
    • Exploration/Integration: We value all K-12 students having an authentic exposure to all areas of CTE through systematic diverse offerings.

    Research Summary:

    A variety of resources are reviewed as part of the curriculum review process including standards and best practice research.  It should be noted that the review of research tries to be as comprehensive as possible; therefore, articles and resources that have been reviewed may or may not have been taken into consideration when making review recommendations.  Below are the research summary findings that were taken into consideration for the final curriculum revisions.

    • Continued/enhancement of industry certifications & post-secondary credit opportunities
      • Increase in Start College Now/Early College Credit
      • Increase in Dual Enrollment
    • Business- exposure to a robust coding/computer science program
    • Family & Consumer Science- focus on culinary arts & child care/education
    • Technical Education- focus on engineering, trades, & technician experiences

    Curriculum Revision Highlights:

    • CTE Being Available for All:  An emphasis on having space for all students to create, problem solve, and collaborate, which are at the heart of career & technical education will happen through an increase in technology resources to enhance the delivery of STEAM (science, technology education, art, math) curriculum and creation of makerspaces/innovation centers in schools.  
    • Coding K-12: A full K-12 curriculum in computer science/coding has been developed that includes a new curriculum in grades K-5, and new courses in 6th grade (STEAM Explore) and 7th grade (Code to Create).  Additionally, there was a revision of high school computer science course offerings.
    • Place-Based Experiences:  Continuation & expansion of experiences beyond the walls of the school are still a focus for CTE.  This includes the creation of a student-run school store & cafe, expansion of Insight strands, dual enrollment, youth apprenticeships, utilization of Start College Now/Early College Credit, and industry certification attainment. 

    Access to Curriculum

    To access curriculum unit plans for the Pewaukee School District please click HERE to enter our curriculum warehouse.  You may search for specific grade level, subject area, and/or course(s). 

    Career & Technical Education Documents: